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Galleria Intima 5.0 will take place on the 5th and 6th of August 2016 at New Delhi's Hotel Crowne Plaza (Rohini). Having begun as a raw material sourcing event for the stakeholders of the intimate wear industry, Galleria Intima has now turned into something much more than that. It has grown beyond being simply a show for sourcing goods, meeting and exchanging ideas, and networking and has transformed into a formidable catalyst – a game changer for the industry. It has been successful in elevating the status of the industry, from being just a sector that churns out basic wardrobe essentials into a roaring potential-filled one. In fact, the manufacture of value added products have become synonymous with the intimate wear industry.

Bringing together all stakeholders under one single roof, Galleria Intima has evolved into an important annual event for the industry. It is the ultimate destination where fashion meets form and inspiration meets imagination. Be it the newest innovations, liveliest designs or well-researched product development, Galleria Intima has breathed new life into the industry. While exhibitors now come to the show well-prepared with the designs and samples that they have been working on for 6 months, visitors attend it with the intention to take back something new for their brand and business.

In addition to these positive developments, the show has also caught the attention of the movers and shakers of the intimate apparel sector abroad. As a consequence, they have been looking at exploring various options at their disposal. The options that have been presented before them as a consequence of the show include supplying raw materials, services or machines to Indian manufacturers; or to brands who want to establish their manufacturing capability in India; and making investments in the country. The interest shown by international players would only serve to reinforce the efforts of the Intimate Apparel Association of India (IAAI) to make India a leading name in the field of intimate apparel. It would enable the association to augment the current 4% export contribution of India in global intimate wear exports to 10% by 2025.

While bringing the world's attention to the "Make In India" campaign, the 2016 show will focus on India as a land of exceptional manufacturing opportunities and technology upgradation. Like every year, this time too, the annual gathering would see a strong presence of both exhibitors and visitors. The 5th edition will not fail to meet the expectations of every participant as well as replicate the success witnessed last year.
Make In India
India's Attraction as an

Intimate Wear Manufacturing Hub


$245 Billion

Size of Domestic Market in India


Indian Intimate Wear Brands / Labels

15% CAGR

Domestic Growth Rate

850 Milloin (66%)

Size of Working Age Population

$120 - $150 P/M

Wages for Sewing Operator

A sub-section of the garment sector, the intimate wear segment makes up about 10% of consumer expenditure with manufacturing capability still underdeveloped in the country. In terms of the country's share in global intimate wear exports, it occupies only 4% of the market share. That is why the "Make In India" initiative started by the Prime Minister of the nation spells good news for the entire sector. Since production for the domestic market is only limited to low-end basic essentials, the initiative will help promote investment in this sector. It would also render ease of doing business while fetching maximum returns, large-scale employment and greater export realisation.

Currently, the domestic intimate wear industry is growing at an annual rate of 15% with an estimated value of $245 billion. This robust growth trend is expected to continue till 2020. More importantly, a young labour force alongside low labour costs make the country an attractive destination for businesses that want to set up manufacturing units or build units for raw materials or machineries. With a population of about 1.28 billion, 66% of the country's population or about 850 million are of working age. The number is likely to see a rise by the end of 2030. Such a rich demography will enable the country to successfully become a leading name in manufacturing of labour intensive items like clothing and textile. Plus the wage cost in the country is one of the lowest compared to other nations such as China, Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka and so on. Most importantly, India's attractiveness as a large manufacturing hub lies in its already existent production facilities at every level of the manufacturing chain. Due to this, it is the second biggest exporter and manufacturer of textile and apparel and the "Make In India" campaign would give a further boost to the position the country currently holds at this moment.
New Delhi
Scene of action and home

to domestic brands

Galleria Intima 2016 will take place in New Delhi, the capital of the biggest democracy of the world. A vibrant city with exhibitions and festivals taking place from time to time, there is something for everyone. Its' exceptional communication and transport connectivity enables businesses from far off areas of the country as well as from foreign shores to not miss this annual event. The city is also home to several manufacturing units and local brands, making it the ideal place for such a grand event.
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